CPS KINECT Training Materials
CPS KINECT at the Microsoft "Partners in Learning" Conference

The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Office of Instructional Tools & Technologies has partnered with Microsoft to pilot a program with CPS schools focused on the use of the KINECT XBox game system. By incorporating movement with advanced computing technologies in an engaging, game-like environment, we anticipate that students will learn more deeply, develop physical motor coordination, exercise their bodies, and expand cooperative learning skills. In addition, the system can be leveraged to provide additional learning opportunities through videoconferencing, virtual meetings via Avatar Connect, and classroom viewing of educational DVDs.

Through this program, we seek to identify a variety of successful pedagogical strategies that our teachers can employ to address the implementation of Common Core State Standards while impacting learning across the curriculum. It is our goal to broaden student engagement by infusing the technology strategically to address existing standards while promoting the use of an innovative learning technology for increased student achievement.

For more information, contact:

Lisa Perez
Program Coordinator