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More Set-Up Instructions

Using Xbox KINECT with a Smartboard: In connecting to a Smartboard without speakers, use this type of splitter to provide audio. In using an RCA cable, plug the yellow end into the Smartboard and the red and white ends into this splitter. Then, connect regular speakers.


Using Voice Commands

Here are some things you can say to Kinect:

If you want to....
Say this...
Go to the Home screen
"Xbox Go Home"
Play a disc
"Xbox play disc"
Go to a Dashboard area such as Social or Games
"Xbox Social" or "Xbox Games"
Bing Search
“Xbox Bing …” and say what you want to search for
Open or close the disc tray
"Xbox open tray" or "Xbox close tray"
You can use the following voice commands while watching videos or listening to music using Apps:
If you want to…
Say this...
Fast forward a video
"Xbox fast-forward"
Rewind a video
"Xbox rewind"
Pause music or video
"Xbox pause"
Play music or video
"Xbox play"
Skip forward
"Xbox next"
Skip back
"Xbox previous"