CPS KINECT Users Group

CPS KINECT Users Group Communications

Our pilot group communicates with each other using a Windows Live email group. If you are a CPS school using KINECT, contact Lisa Perez to be invited to the group. With your request, provide your full contact information, your school, and email the request using your CPS email. We use this group to develop collaborations between our schools and to announce upcoming KINECT events. Participating schools can use this group to invite other CPS teachers to KINECT events and meetings. We also post our experiences to the CPS KINECT blog. Pilot schools can email Lisa Perez with their blogpost articles and pictures.

Share Your Experiences!

Participating pilot schools are encouraged to document their experiences in using KINECT. Email Lisa Perez with links to your blogs, wikis, and websites. Send links to your videos and photos. This wiki will serve as a portal to schools' CPS KINECT information. [Note: Each school is required to maintain a photo release form for each student who appears on the Internet.] Schools that send documentation can check this list to request additional games and peripherals.

KINECT Safety Guidelines

CPS KINECT schools must adhere to the following guidelines as part of their use of these systems in their schools:

  • Students should be supervised at all times when using the KINECT system.
  • Secure the system when not in use. It is recommended to lock up the system overnight as an added security measure
  • Create a clear space of 6' to 8' for the active playing area. Only students who are actively participating should be in the playing area.
  • Maintain parental controls on the box to only allow games E-rated games or those age-appropriate to the students.
  • Usage of the KINECT game systems should be clearly tied to Common Core State Standards implementation or other educational objectives.
  • Maintain parental controls to disallow new account creation.
  • Maintain parental controls to disallow Xbox Live unless your school is using Xbox Live for educational purposes.
  • Xbox Live users: The game system should only be used under teacher supervision and locked up when not in use. Only the school account should be loaded onto the box. New account creation should be disallowed. The password to the account and the override parental code should be maintained confidentially. Teachers should only allow their account to "friend" educational accounts at other schools for the purpose of educational collaborations. Student Xbox Live accounts should not be loaded onto CPS systems and school accounts should not "friend" students.

See these additional safety guidelines provided by Microsoft: