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Spencer Elementary School website
Tracey Howse, Lead Tech Teacher

Teaching Like It's 2999
Jennie Magiera, STEM Coach & 4/5 Math Teacher - National Teachers Academy

Unstuck Your Brain
Kim Darche, Technology Coordinator - Tarkington Elementary School


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Teacher Overview: "This activity is part of our social studies weekly activities. Focus: Good sportsmanship and team work are essential in being part of a team. Also, learning to work with all of your classmates build camaraderie that can last a lifetime. Our 4th grade class uses the Kinect for team building with a focus on developing cooperation strategies while taking all team members ideas for developing a winning plan. The students were placed into two or four teams (depending one the number of players per game). They voted on team captains and player placement. While team members played, they were cheered by their teammates. The winning teams received a rousing round of applause and congratulations from the others. We learned that playing games is fun, but what's important is how you react to your win or loss." ~M. Willis-McNeely

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